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European Regional Development Fund


On the 24th-25th February 2020, our first Urban Lab of the year will take place. This time in Kiel, Germany.

Our project partners have organised a two-day international Urban Lab on the theme creative bureaucracy. The aim of the lab is to explore opportunities for creating a more sustainable city. It will involve local actors from Kiel’s political and administrative departments, international participants and other interested such as city planners, artists, scientists, students and activists.

The Urban Lab is divided into two sections:


The first part will focus on formulating strategic goals for a more sustainable city. These goals can be derived from UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 17. The goal is to work towards an implementation of the formulated goals, both for the city of Kiel and cities in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Danish city planner and architect, Tina Saaby, will accompany this part of the lab.

2. HOW

The second part will focus on how well the city of Kiel functions, as well as exploring what kind of creativity is needed in order to implement the strategic goals. Moreover, we will discuss the meaning behind the rather paradoxical term ‘creative bureaucracy’. Throughout the Lab, our aim is to assess how well Kiel is doing in the context of the 5 principles expressed in its 2042 vision, as well as its intention to fulfil the 17 UN‘s SDG.

More information concerning the registration and programme is available HERE!