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Partners of Urb Cultural Planning have organised a two-day international Urban Lab on how to use participatory and co-creation methods on City Development. This Urban Lab takes place on the 23rd-24th of October 2019.

We warmly welcome everyone who is actively involved in culture, city planning and social inclusion.

What is it all about?

The Urban Lab in Pori (Finland) builds upon the event of PORIS (Pori Research Centre for City Development). Located in the very city centre of Pori, PORIS serves as a dialogue space where inhabitants who walk by are asked to share their wishes and ideas on how to develop Pori city centre. All this material will be used in the Urban Lab workshop as source of inspiration. The aim of the workshop is to develop new participatory processes for utilisation of empty spaces, increasing comfort and traffic solutions, etc.

A great number of the participants of the Urban Lab will be experts of communal development, urban design and culture. Furthermore, these people are already involved in Urb Cultural Planning in their own city or region within the Baltic Sea area. The rest of the participants will be local experts and enthusiasts from Pori, the Satakunta region, as well as other parts of Finland. With the help of these people, we have an unique opportunity to develop the city centre of Pori in a positive way.

The Urban Lab is facilitated by Janin Walter and Ilkin Akpinar from Urban Catalyst. Urban Catalyst is a well-known planning agency in Berlin, Germany.

You can find the program here: https://urbcultural.eu/news/cultural-planning/program-for-urban-lab-in-pori-designing/