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Visioning Kiel-Gaarden: cultural mapping with Nadine Gudbrod

In February the Kiel-Gaarden Demonstrator Project launched a second phase of the cultural planning process with the theme “visioning”. Building upon her previous work in cultural mapping, lead artist Nadine Gudbrod has initiated several activities in Kiel-Gaarden with the support of project partner team and engaged community members.

Wishes for Gaarden

“Starting off our second phase of the UrbCulturalPlanning demonstrator project, we hosted a multi-day visioning workshop”, begins the coordinator of the demonstrator project in Kiel-Gaarden, Lea Luekemeier. “This was centred around one of our three focus areas of Gaarden neighbourhood. We began with a mindful walking tour in order to observe and experience the uniqueness of the area. The following day we set up a participatory intervention on a prominent, yet overlooked, street corner. Here we asked locals who passed by to express their wishes for Gaarden.

After having collected a great amount of opinions, we presented it to the rest of the community three days later. The opinions were made into banners that some of our most engaged participants brought around the streets to draw attention.

Brainstorming with city planner Trevor Davies

After our visioning workshop series in February, we knew that it was important to keep the momentum going. Thus, in early March, Nadine Gutbrod and her colleague Nina Koldby met with city planner Trevor Davies to further discuss challenges and visions for Gaarden. Trevor Davis works for Copenhagen International Theatre which is located in Gaarden. His opinions and ideas are therefore very valuable to us.

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We spent the day surrounded by all the creative posters with the different wishes for the neighbourhood. Based on these, we discussed the strengths of the community, challenges we currently face, and progresses we’ve made so far. Most importantly, we brainstormed how to amplify the encouraging results of the cultural mapping phase into a dynamic visioning process. During our lunch break, we sampled local specialities, such as falafels and freshly baked Arabic flatbread. Overall, it was an inspiring day, and we’re very excited to present what comes next!

A comic interpretation of the neighbourhood

This is a part of the central activities during the cultural mapping phase. It was build upon an extensive series of intentional discovery walks through Gaarden. Our lead artist Nadine Gutbrod often guided these. However, other community members also took the lead on some of the walks to show their own favourite areas and secret spots.

Urb, cultural, planning, demonstrators, Trevor, city, planner, Kiel, Gaarden

In result, Nadine produced a delightful series of comic pamphlets to share the small wonders that a neighbourhood may conceal and to amplify the everyday experiences of the residents living there. Each illustration reveal a particular point of view of some of the residents. Above you can see an excerpt from “Helge presents his Gaarden”, which is  the name of Nadine’s first creative comic. In the pamphlet,  one can find tranquil outdoor spaces with friends hanging out or playing music together. You can also see Helge’s favourite restaurant, stores, and disco spot, and these are provided with his expressions from the walking tour.”