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HOT CULTURAL PLANNING. Event shortlist this summer.

Despite most of us taking a break from work and play due to great weather and vacations, Urb Cultural Planning still has some great activities in our cities to offer this summer. There is more to the project than professional events like urban labs and conferences; some are focusing on activities available for everyone to experience or observe.

Here is a selection of some events taking place during the hot season to keep you updated on what cultural planning means realtime in the Baltic Sea Region!



walking copenhagen, kit, metropolis, 100 days, denmark, urb cultural planning

When: until 8 August

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Metropolis (Københavns Internationale Teater) has invited 100 artists living in Copenhagen to create 100 curated walks through the city over the next 100 days starting 1 May – a day of collective walking. This can be seen as a performative diary form a city where the corona virus sets the agenda and has radically changed our daily life.

Each artist walks for 12 hours and starts at home. Every hour he/she gives a “sign of life” via live-streaming on the project’s Facebook page Walking Copenhagen!



city tour, urb cultural planning, gdansk, poland

When: all summer

Where: Zaspa, Biskupia Górka, Dolne Miasto, Nowy Port, Orunia, Oliwa, Wyspa Sobieszewska neighbourhoods – Gdańsk, Poland

Local Guides is an educational project aimed at local communities. Its first edition was held in the district of Zaspa in 2011; as a result, thirty citizens were trained as guides for the collection of monumental art painted on outer walls of the district’s buildings; such collection is one of a kind in Poland or even in Europe.

Nowadays there are multiple neighbourhoods with their Local guides as history geeks and chroniclers of their memories. The project gives sense of pride  to districts that may be perceived as deprived or less invested. Engaging in telling their own stories about their neighborhoods, develops local patriotism and the feeling of being important to others.

The free walks are characterized by personalized narratives of the guides, who enrich the presentation of historical events and dates with numerous curiosities of everyday life in the neighborhoods.

Some useful info also here: https://ikm.gda.pl/en/projekt/local-guides/.



urbingo, urb cultural planning, cultural planning, lithuania, vilnius

When: 25 and 30 July

Where: Panel house area, Šnipiškės – Vilnius, Lithuania

This orientation urban game is developed as a tool for collective explorations and learning about the neighbourhoods. It is also a tool for accumulating stories and elements of material culture of the city. It is a growing and actively used archive. This version of the game, devoted to the panel-housing area is developed in cooperation with Urban games and research lab “Laimikis”. It is the very first version, devoted to the panel-housing areas.

To make the explorations more fun, students of Creative Industries, Vilnius Gediminas Technical university, have contributed by creating small art interventions in cooperation with local residents. Created during online workshops with the residents, now small colorful objects are placed in their secret locations in the district. Bring your small team, pick 5 cards and search for the objects!



kometa festival, daugavgriva fortress, riga, urb cultural planning, kanepes kulturas centrs, bolderaja, daugavgrivas cietoksnis

When: 31 July – 2 August

Where: Daugavgrīva fortress – Riga, Latvia

Kometa is an annual, open-air culture and music festival taking place at a historical fortress. With live music from various corners of the Earth, DJ sets, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and performances, Kometa is a unique and vibrant three-day event that embraces diversity and leaves long-term traces in its participants by inviting and encouraging to practice freedom to think, choose, connect, create, and participate.

Freedom from advertisements, slogans or hidden agendas. Freedom to transform. Kometa is a cosmic culture festival which shows that music, art and humans coexist in harmony with one another and Mother Earth.



urban, cultural, planning, demonstrators, Sarkandaugava, 2012

When: 5 – 6 September

Where: Sarkandaugava – Riga, Latvia

During the White Night, a large mosaic will be created together with Sarkandaugava’s local residents on the walls of one of Sarkandaugava’s buildings. This will be the first event to be organized jointly by the local neighborhood people themselves at all stages. The other activities of the event have not been planned yet, but there will definitely be a concert or performance organized by the residents of the neighborhood.