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European Regional Development Fund


In the beginning of September 2019, the artists Mads Peter Laursen, Johan Adrian Buus and Vivian V. Madsen from Institut for (X) where invited by Free Riga on an exploration trip in order to understand the neighbourhood of Sarkandaugava, Riga (LT).

How does Sarkandaugava differ from any other neighbourhoods in Riga? Which values are important to its inhabitants? What kind of potential does the neighbourhood have for the future?

In order to answer the questions above, we held a two-day workshop within the framework of the Demonstrators Project; The idea was to map the area’s culture and create a shared dream of the future development of Sarkandaugava. In addition, the citizens of the neighbourhood were invited to actively participate in the process planning in close relation with the municipality and other interested in the future development of Sarkandaugava.

Now you have the opportunity to download the full booklet, “Čau Riga”, which is an attempt to showcase underlying process of understanding the neighbourhood of Sarkandaugava.

Download it here:

Booklet Sarkandaugava PDF