Residencies Program 2019

The residencies are organized to have a external view on the potentials of the neighbourhoods. The residencies will foster creativity and experiment in the cultural mapping and participatory collaborations. Gameing among other things will be used to involve children and young people to empower their creativity in finding the best solutions for local challenges as well as finding new opportunities.

The residencies will:

• Add value to the community with creative work by helping to change the perception and profile of the host community for both its residents and outsiders.
• Create shared Baltic Sea Region value and identity, making a direct dialogue between community residents and creative short-terms visitors possible.
• Contribute to the development of the UCP Demonstrator Projects.

Residencies program: 

Bolderaja & Daugavgriva, Riga, (LV) – 20th July to 10th August – SIMKA (SE)

Sarkandaugava, Riga (LV) – 14th to 22th September – Mads Peter Laursen (DK)

Sarkandaugava, Riga (LV) – 14th to 28th September – Johan Adrian Buus (DK)

Sarkandaugava, Riga (LV) – 14th September to 4th October – Vivian V. Madsen (DK)

Pori (FI) – 16th September to 6th October – Abdul Dube (DK)

Guldborgsund Muncipality (DK) – 21th September to 5th October & 22th to 29th October – Julie Myers (DE)

Pori (FI) – 24th September to 23th October – Jonas Buchel (LV)

Kiel (DE) – 28th October to 17th Novemeber – Marius Abramavičius Neboisia (LT)

Visaginas (LT) – 4th to 17th November – Lucyna Kolendo (PL)

Future residencies: 

Gdansk (PL) –  Autumn 2019 – Milda Laužikaitė (LT)

Vilnius (LT) – Autumn 2019 – the artists will soon be announced.

Kaliningrad (RU) – April 2020 – the artists will soon be announced.


Slight changes are still possible.