European Regional Development Fund
European Regional Development Fund


Our very first residency took place at the Komēta festival in Riga 2019 in collaboration with the artist group SIMKA.

About SIMKA:

SIMKA consists of the visual artists Simon Häggblom and Karin Lind from Sweden. The group combine their knowledge and skills from visual art and landscape architecture to investigate different spaces and sites for human interaction. What inspires their work is the tensions between urbanity and nature, as well as the fictional and the habitual world.

The residencies ought to:
  • Add value to the community with creative work by helping to change the perception and profile of the host community for both its residents and outsiders.
  • Create shared Baltic Sea Region value and identity, making a direct dialogue between community residents and creative short-terms visitors possible.
  • Contribute to the development of the Demonstrator Projects.

Art works will be in various forms and media such as video, photo, sound, note as well as concept.

urban cultural planning residence daugavgriva 2019 workshop sitting  urban cultural planning residence daugavgriva 2019  urban cultural planning residence daugavgriva 2019


The different residencies are selected according to local needs and societal challenges. The aim is to foster creativity and experiment in the cultural mapping and participatory collaborations.