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On 29 April, the first Open Talk series of innovation transfer meetings was launched and organized by
Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation network (BSSSC)!

The first talk focused on Cultural Planning as a method of urban social innovation. It was based on the current outcomes of our project led by the Danish Cultural Institute in Latvia. The Open Talk was given by the lead partner’s representative Emīls Rode.

“Cultural planning is an approach that needs to work on three levels: the level of POLICY, the level of STRATEGY, and the level of IMPLEMENTATION. Simultaneously, it can be adopted by local authorities without introducing radical changes in the existing policy. The set of practices brought forward by cultural planning is highly adaptable and thus can be used with discretion, allowing you to take into account the individuality of the place.” – as the URBCULTURAL Planning Policy Roadmap explains.

BSSSC, in line with its current Workplan and the Strategy until 2030, began the talks to enhance the close cooperation within BSSSC region and beyond. The focus of the series will be on sharing experiences, knowledge and inspirations in one hour-long meetings. They will start with a talk of an invited expert and will be followed by a lively discussion on the subject matter, sharing contacts, thoughts and ideas.

This new format shall not replace the innovation networks in their capacities, but rather complement their extensive works. It also should strengthen the close, friendly networking and sharing of contacts among the Baltic Sea Region’s engaged stakeholders.

Stay tuned for other Open Talks coming soon!