Program for Urban Lab in Pori – Designing

UrbCultural Planning project partners has organized a two-day international Urban Lab on the theme of how to use participatory and co-creation methods on City Development. The Urban Lab is carried out from the 23rd to the 24th October 2019.

What is it all about?

The Urban Lab in Pori is part of the programme of PORIS – Pori Research Centre for City Development. PORIS is located on the pedestrian street of Pori and it’s open for October 2019. It’s a dialogue space where inhabitatans are asked to share their insights and ideas on how to develop Pori City Centre. On the opening day 28th of September, over 1200 people visited PORIS and expressed their thoughts. All this material will be utilized as bases for the Urban Lab in Pori . The aim of the Lab is to develop new participatory processes for themes such as utilization of empty spaces, increasing comfort and traffic solutions.


WEDNESDAY 23rd of October 09:00-17:00

Venue: Yrjönkatu 13 and neighbor building

After four weeks of collecting ideas and opinions of the inhabitants of pori the aim of this workshop is to design possible process-designs for the transformations of Pori. The workshops will work on specific topics which are related to the overall topic: Pori as an experimental city. Workshop groups will develop a process-design with unusual tools for city planning to create a cooperative, experimental city.

Co-creation session 1: Transforming Pori to an experimental city

8:30 Warm up your soul, get your energy!

9:00 Welcoming words

9:10 Presentation of the daily schedule

9:20 Four safaris in mini groups

10:20 Back to the house

10:30 Lecture: Temporary use in City-planning

11:15 Fact based poetry: The cultural heritage of Pori – an outside perspective

11:30 Co-creation workshop: Experimental city Pori

  1. Group building
  2. Presenting outcomes of the pop-up shop within the groups

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Back to the house

14:15 3. Process-design: Experimental city Pori

17:30 Fact based poetry

18:00 Break from work: Group chilling out, individual time or check out Pori (Free entrance at Pori Art Musem)

20:00 Dinner

THURSDAY 24th of October 09:00-17:00

Venue: Yrjönkatu 13 and the neighbour building.

After the Conference in Kiel and the Urban Lab in Copenhagen, where all the demonstrators got a lot of different inputs, the aim of this workshop is to exchange and discuss together certain issues of the existing projects, learning from each other experiences and developing solutions. The workshop is spitted in two parts. The first part anatomy of design is designed ad format which leads to collective design thinking to solve specific issues. The second format is designed to create networks and future collaborations between the projects.

08:30 Warm up your soul, get your energy!

09:00 Welcoming words

09:15 Presentation of the daily schedule

09:25 Lecture: Learning from others – International examples of city-producer

10:30 Co-creation 1: Anatomy of design

Collective Design-Thinking on Topics like: Financing, Dialog, Promotion, Motivation, Teambuilding, Identification, Self-esteem, Openness vs Top- down, Impacts on neighborhoods and city-development.

  1. Group building according to listed topics
  2. Demonstrations present their experiences
  3. Collecting solutions within the group

11:45 Fact based poetry. Outcomes

12:30 Lunch, Local restaurant “Olivio” (TBC)

14:00 Back In the house

14:15 Co-creation 2: Networks and collaborations

17:30 Fact based poetry. Outcomes

18:00 Break from work!

19:00 Bus to Reposaari, Dinner at Merrt Monk Resturant

22:00 Return to Pori

See the detailed programme:

Slight changes are still possible.

Please do not forget to register individually for the Lab before the 18th of October, 2019.


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