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We are happy to announce the registration to the “Game of Cities: Culture, Participation, Democracy” conference taking place ONLINE from Gdansk is OPEN!


– How can we use cultural approaches to make our cities and neighbourhoods better places to live?

“Game of Cities: Culture, Participation, Democracy” is a metaphor regarding, who “owns” communities and “plays” cities. The conference addresses how municipalities can empower citizen driven community development. In this “game” we use the cultural planning approach to address different social challenges.

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Taking place from 19 – 21 NOVEMBER 2020 and hosted by the Pomorskie Voivodeship/Regional Authority in Poland, the conference will gather urbanists, city planners, artists, researchers, and academics, as well as students, community organizers, politicians and activists to explore culture perspectives in urban strategies and practice.

With help of keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops, the aim of the three-day event will be to experience, sense, and feel how urban transformation can be triggered by participation through a cultural planning approach.

Themes include:

  • CITIES AND CITIZENSHIP: Presenting models to reinterpret new challenges and the possibilities of participatory decision making, participatory budgeting, participatory visioning. How do inclusive models for participation offer novel ways to engage citizens in their communities? Keynote by Christelle Lahoud, UN Habitat.
  • DIRECT PARTICIPATION THROUGH ARTS AND CULTURE: Exploring how cities can include artivism/activism, youth, and alternative strategies from civil society. How should cultural practices and the arts transform and stimulate direct engagement within cities and neighborhoods? Keynote by Marcin Gerwin, PhD, activist and specialist in deliberative democracy.
  • BUILDING COMMUNITIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS: Reflecting on engaging, identifying cultural planning as a force in urban capacity building and empowering communities. How can we change places through ‘the local’ as the focus? Keynote by Lia Ghilardi, international expert in Cultural Planning.
  • DIRECT PARTICIPATION THROUGH GAMIFICATION: Illustrating how Urban Gamification and elements of playfulness within urban environment can offer strategic cultural interventions in city planning. How can we use games, gamification and forms of directed play to engage citizens and key communities in urban planning? Keynote by Mattia Thibault, PhD, Expert in Urban Gamification,
  • and more!



The official registration is closed. If you would still want to join the Conference, please send email with your name, organization, and email to  urbcultural@pomorskie.eu address. The links will be sent to you (prepare for some waiting time).



Here you can download the prelimenary Programme of the conference (as on 13.11.2020)!


Krystyna Wróblewska: k.wroblewska[@]pomorskie.eu


The program contributes to the policy development of the EU Baltic Sea Region Interreg project “Cultural planning as a method for urban social innovation”. The event is hosted by Pomorskie Voivodeship.