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“You walk around the Old Suburb, you admire the nineteenth-century tenement houses on Embankment Square. Among them, there is a ruined building. Once it were stunning — you think. Suddenly something before you falls with a clang. Before the tip of your shoes lies a large, ornate key. The key to the empty house. Or is it really empty?..”

A prototype version of a gamebook called “Game of Gdansk” has been published! Experience an unforgettable adventure in the historic district and become a virtual tourist from anywhere around the world!

Its objectives are to activate the district of the Old Suburb (Stare Przedmieście) by implementing cultural activities and to incorporate the youth of Gdańsk into the process of a dialogue about shaping the common urban space and sustaining local communities.

It has been created as a gamebook, an interactive story, with elements of Minecraft. Throughout 2020, the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre has been carried out workshops for school students. The website www.en.gameofgdansk.eu presents a full package of video tutorials so that everyone interested can create their own game. Game of Gdansk is dedicated to school children especially and is a great inspiration for computer science teachers who can use our tools to carry out more interactive classes.

The English version of the game is now available! Enter the game through this LINK and find out more about the whole GAME OF GDANSK project!