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Københavns Internationale Teater/Metropolis hosts this Urban Lab, which will take place at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen (DK) on the 9th-11th of September 2019.

The theme of this Urban Lab is “Visioning”. The Lab will examine visioning from micro to macro levels, collective visioning, visioning as a continual reflective exercise, visioning as imagining, visioning as Utopian, visioning as exploration, visioning strategic, visioning as identity, visioning as a change agent. We have invited 28 strategists, artists, researchers and writers from Copenhagen, as well as stakeholders from these 9 neighbourhoods to be our reference points.

The lab is ideal for professionals / students in architecture and planning, performance design, urbanists, cultural strategists, visual/media/performance artists, community groups, activists and political representatives engaged in urban transformation processes, participatory creation, alternative place-making and community building.


MONDAY, September 9th

10.30-11.00: Coffee and setting up studio at William Wains Gade 18, Refshaleøen, 1432 Kbh K
11.00-11.30: Introduction and outline of Urban Lab and what we hope to achieve

11.30-12.15: Overview of the cultural planning process. Trevor Davies will lead a session on the process of cultural planning & place based transformation to recap on principles and processes. Visioning in the context of cultural planning / discussion.

12.30-14.30: Baltic Sea Region Demonstrator Projects – UrbCulturalPlanning
The Lab starts and ends with 9 neighborhoods as sites for culturally driven transformation as part of the UrbCulturalplanning project. We get an overview of these neighborhood projects: Gdansk (Stare Przedmieście & Nowy Port), Vilnius – (Šnipiskes, Visaginas), Riga (Sarkandaugava & Bolderāja), Pori (City Centre), Guldborgsund (Lindholm), Kiel (Gaarden) based on presentations from each local organizer. Is there a vision already? what is the context to develop a vision?

A series of short prepared presentations (5-7 min) from each to give a concrete starting point for our reflection on visioning: Context (maps, facts, challenges, resources, mappings, discussions, surveys, political decisions etc.); where are they in their process? What are the main aspects informing the vision?

Draft vision statements / manifestos (max. 100 words), followed by an individual responses & interaction/ response by participants.

12.15-13.30 – Lunch will be available informally

14.45-15.45: Societal visioning

Sociologist Majken Mac specializes in participatory processes e.g. “Centre for Citizens Dialogue” and will comment on community visioning from her present position with the recently formed political party, Alternativet, which seeks to formulate an alternative vision for society using “political laboratories”.

16.00-20.00: Two visions and two realities

16.00-18.00: Refshaleøen

We meet Claus Havmøller Jensen (Dir. Development/Planning) and Claudia Ales Laroux (dir. Architecture and Events) from REDA – the company owning Refshaleøen. CHJ will present the context of the development of the area and also the challenges and opportunities this unique site offers. He will introduce their current vision. CAL will take us on a short walk and present examples of collaborative place making and also looking at how culturally generated activities change perspectives, practices and also potentially visions for this site.

18.00-20.00 Christiania: We walk to Christiania (15-20 min. walk) – a area with a vision formulated by activists in the 70’s, who squatted the place. A former military base and now after many years of struggle, it is an independent foundation owned and run collectively by the local residents. We will meet architect Søren Blicher (House Architects / Resident Christiania). Can this vision be sustained?

TUESDAY, September 10th

We meet at Den Røde Plads/The Red Square – Nørrebrogade 209, 2200 København.

09.00-10.00: Utopia and Reality
David Pinder, Ass. Professor Roskilde University. Presentation on the role of utopias in urban planning processes and discussion. https://forskning.ruc.dk/da/persons/dpinder

10.00-11.00: Sense of Place-Co-creation through involving the local community
Annika Agger, Professor. Roskilde University, author of a.o. “Sense of Pace” and researching and community engagement, co-creation and alternative planning/urban strategies.

11.15-12.30: Urban change experiences and practice in Nørrebro
Host & guide, Mette Prag, project manager neighborhood regeneration Nørrrebro. We visit Nørrebro and visit three sites where artists and cultural interventions have defined urban change in the city. Visions and the realities, reflections on processes and communally formed visions: public space (Superkilen), a future city park (Nordvest).

12.30-13.30 Lunch / transport to Refshaleøen

13.30-16.30: Future States – Micro Processes
How can artists participate and lead these processes and give the outset to imagine and formulate potential futures and alternative futures? Do we need another language than the rational and do we need experiences rather than negotiations and intellectual approaches to develop and describe?
Karoline H. Larsen: Collective Strings http://www.creativeactions.com/
Sisters Hope: Sensing the City, the Sensuous Society et. http://sistershope.dk/
Hello Earth: Imagining a Post Capitalist Society https://www.helloearth.cc/
Bureau Detours: Imaging by doing https://detours.biz/

Split into two groups:

16.45-18.45: Workshop – Building Conversations
Lotte van den Berg has developed a series of 7 staged conversations to stimulate changed perspectives, each rooted in different cultural traditions and philosophies. Used extensively in Europe with 600
“conversations”. Salomé Mooij /LVB company (Metropolis Residency program 2019), with a background in philosophy and performing arts in a participatory session.

16.45-18.45: Minecraft as Visioning Tool
Workshop on Gaming with as future modelling and the potential of using Minecraft as a visioning tool with a focus on engaging children & youth.
Facilitator: Lisa Halloway (S), Anders Nordby (N), Bjorn Berg Marklund (SE), Jason Kao (N), using examples for on-going projects in Kiel, Gdansk and Riga as part of the UrbCulturalPlanning project.

19.00-21.00 Option / Dinner at Refshaleøen
Here is also a good opportunity to continue working on the BSR “Local Demonstrators”.

WEDNESDAY, September 11th

We meet at Farvergade 27 L, 1463 København K, Danish Cultural Institute.

08.30-09.30 Inspiring Local Communities
We meet the neighborhood regeneration department from Copenhagen City Council, Head of Dpt. Architect Rikke Lequick Larsen leads the session on Copenhagen’s experience with transformation of neighbourhoods and how to engage communities, how to balance the many agendas in the city, how to structure public processes and how to create shared visions.

09.30-10.15: Metropolis
Metropolis is an international platform for art and performance in public space in Copenhagen. The notion of site specific and situation specific is at the core of its artistic methodology and cultural positioning. How can artists lead processes and give the outset to imagine and formulate potential futures and alternative futures – or simply “imagine”? Examples from the Metropolis program (www.metropolis.dk).

10.30-11.30: Jan Gehl Architects & Urgent Agency are invited to make a presentation (to be confirmed)

12.00-12.30 Lunch at Refshaleøen

12.30-14.15: Alternative Scenario Workshop

The principles of alternative scenarios
We edit our vision statements and processes for the BSR Demonstrator Projects, and we develop three alternative visions for our BSR Demonstrator Projects as potential scenarios.
How would these be generated by whom and what process do you propose?
BSR Demonstrator Projects stations with 3-5 persons in each group to develop three scenarios.

14.30 -16.00: Final presentations and feedback.
8 super short presentations of revised vision statement or method.

16.00-16.30: Summing up and next steps.


Slight changes are still possible.

Remember to register before September 9, 2019

LINK: http://shorturl.at/bgjMS