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“Is culture essential? Are artists essential workers?”

The coronavirus pandemic has brought these questions to the front lines. Social innovation encompasses so many of our burning questions as a society. The lack of trust, civic involvement, marginalization and stigmatization are issues all of the public sector is grappling with.

The question then is: “how well cultural sector is using its potential to not only reflect on the issues at hand, but deliberately work with these issues and contribute to building a resilient and involved civic society?”

We are happy to announce the registration for Riga Urban Lab named “Cultural Shift: Social innovation and cultural drivers”, taking place online from 15 – 16 September 2020! We are on a quest to find out when and how cultural drivers shift from being cultural actors to being social change-makers!

The lab in Riga will explore some cases where the projects are linking to other kinds of structures, such as schools, universities, old people’s homes, urban developments, shopping centers etc. Similarly, the lab will look at possibilities of strong links to city authorities as well as city initiated cultural and social projects and the link between those and independent cultural drivers.

For the reason of the lab, a visual manifesto was created to introduce participants and those interested with the philosophical statement of the lab. It is compact and fully available HERE.

urban lab riga, manifesto

The programme will begin at 14:00 EET and consist of many great keynotes from people and organisations that practice cultural planning and social innovation on their daily basis. This will include Kenneth Balfelt (DK), Imanuel Schipper from Rimini Protokoll (DE), Monika Chabior (PL), Rūta Stepanovaite (LT), and City Culture Institute (PL).

Want to see the programme in full? Click on this link: PROGRAMME

To register for the event, please follow this link: REGISTRATION

The event will be recorded for quality assurance, transparency, and public information.

For questions, please contact Jānis Ušča (janis.usca[@]riga.lv, +371 67037540) or Līva Kreislere (liva.kreislere[@]riga.lv).