European Regional Development Fund
European Regional Development Fund

Russia – Kaliningrad – Kronprinz

Urban area

Kronprinz, a fortress building has been inhabited by different entities, but NCCA (National Centre of Contemporary Art) is moving back in there soon. Total area is 1674 m2. This fortress is a part of a big system of fortresses (big fortress circle around the border of city). We want to develop this area, it has a big potential. The fortress has a big public meaning. Big squares, parks and green zones. Located in city, but also detached. There is only one point of entrance and there are housing blocks all around. Near the area is the green belt as well as the car service on one side. NCCA, who is the key partner in this project, has been running site specific installations here before.

Challenges identified

The biggest problem is the many different owners within Kronprinz. But on a city scale, one of the main big questions is the identity of the city. How to make the city less utilitarian and more integrated.

Visions and aims

The main aim is to build communication between Kronprinz and people living in the area. It is also important to work with the identity of the city.


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