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Our next Urban Lab will take place from 15 – 16 July 2021 in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Cultural planning methodologies and tools are quite new for Russian cities and are not that widely spread here. At the same time, there is an increasing number of individual cases, driven by cultural institutions, citizens’ movements and their coalitions.

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Kaliningrad Urban Lab invites to discuss the role of cultural actors – public institutions, private entities and NGOs/communities – as agents of change in urban neighborhoods and platforms for public participation. The Lab will bring together artists, researchers, cultural managers, leaders of various urban communities from the Kaliningrad region as well as experts in urbanism and participation from the Northwest Russia and UrbCulturalPlanning partners to discuss approaches to urban planning and neighborhoods development on the bases of artistic, cultural, creative practices.

The Lab will consist of 2 parts. Day 1 will focus on rethinking local (Kaliningrad region) experience in the light of cultural planning methodologies, discussing potentials for promoting the approach in the Kaliningrad region, building links between local initiatives, partners from the Northwest Russia and UrbCulturalPlanning Hubs of Excellence.

Day 2 will introduce local participants and UrbCulturalPlanning partners to cultural planning practices from the Northwest Russia and implementation of the Demonstrator project in Kaliningrad. Besides, the role of art institutions (museums) as platforms for cultural planning will be discussed.

More information coming up soon!