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Hubs of cultural planning

Part of the UrbCulturalPlanning project consisted of establishing hubs of cultural planning. These hubs is comprised of persons with knowledge about the cultural planning method representing or rooted in public authorities, as well as persons representing or rooted in knowledge intermediaries: experts, universities, foundations and NGOs. Locally, the hubs can be extended to involve other active members of the communities and other networks with knowledge of the method.

Thus this is a way to make the cultural planning method flourish in the urban cities and rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region and to use culture and creativity to make living better in these neighborhoods.

To read and learn more about the hubs please click here.

Furthermore, the project also developed a Urban Toolkit which is a tool that serves as a knowledge platform for anyone interested. On the platform you will find:

  • best practices and case studies form Baltic Sea Region cities,
  • tools and methods, typology of projects, situations, cities and neighborhoods,
  • DIY guide to projects and Q&A about cultural planning.

Access the platform here.